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batts & Poly

Sustainable Insulation meets or exceeds all performance standards required for insulation products in the U.S & Canada. In addition, It is GREENGUARD. Highly water resistant, sustainable insulation resists moisture absorption, and wont settle or lose its R-value over time. The new sustainable insulation directly benefits the customer by not only being better for the environment, but also installs easier and provides excellent thermal, acoustical and indoor air quality properties.

Wall And Ceiling Batt & Ploy

blow-in-blanket system (BIBS)

BIBS is an insulating system that uses Johns Manville Climate Pro fiberglass insulation blown into palaces behind a mesh fabric at a specific density. BIBS is much better than traditional batts, and is able to achieve a higher R-value. We recommend BIBS when our customers are looking for a more efficient alternative to batts, but the budget does not allow for the use of Spray Foam in all the walls. In these situations, we often install BIBS in all the walls, and spray foam insulation in the rim joist ends to create a very efficient insulation system at a lower cost then using spray foam exclusively. The BIBS system provide a uniform density, eliminates settling and shifting, and fills costly air gaps, voids and seams. Tests show the a mere 4% void area from a poorly installed batt causes a 50% increase in heat loss. The Blow-In-Blanket system eliminates voids and does not settle. Because of its uniform density and seamless coverage, BIBS is a great option for insulating in between floors to help soundproof theater rooms, play areas, or bedroom. The patented Blow-In-Blanket system can only be installed by contractors certified by Blow-In-Blanket. When conventional batts are installed in non-standard cavities or irregular framed areas, problems can occur. Batts must be cut-to-fit for these areas, creating gaps and seams that reduce efficiency and allow heat or air conditioning to escape. The BIBS system create seamless blanket of insulation that custom fits any shape or size of cavity. This guarantees a uniform R-value throughout the entire cavity, and controls air infiltration.

Blow In Blanket Application

Blow In Blanket Application

Smoke Seal

Fire Damage Repair.

Thermotech Smoke Seal.jpeg

Walls Painted With Smoke Seal

Blow in Loose fill insulation

  • For vented attic spaces.

  • For reduced heat and air conditioning costs


Blown In Attic Insulation


Thermotech DC315#2.jpg

DC315 Thermal Barrier Over Spray Applied Foam

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Spray Foam

The Next generation of environmentally friendly, high PERFORMANCE spray foam.

2 LBS closed cell foam

Manufactured in Ontario, Elastochem is a Canadian leader of high preforming polyurethane products. Insulthane Extreme is a performance engineered insulation system. Designed for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional use. Insulthane Extreme is a next generation spray foam insulation that provides improved thermal performance (R7) with strong focus on environmental impact. Insulthane Extreme has a ultra-low global warming potential (GWP) of .1. This presents a 99.9% reduction compared to HFC alternatives. This means our next generation of foam offers a non-ozone- depleting high performance insulation.

  • Air barrier @ 1”

  • Vapor barrier @ 2”


  • Non vented Attic spaces

  • Walls

  • Cantilevers

  • Rim Joists

  • In ground Plumbing & mechanical

  • And many other applications

  • 2lbs Closed cell foam can be used for structural stability

Srayfoamed Walls,Ceilings,Box Joists


  • Concrete Buildings - Thermal

  • Steel Q Decking - Sound & Thermal

  • Parkade Ceilings - Thermal

  • Can Be Tamped For A More Finished Look Or Left Natural

  • Quonset Huts

Thermotech Parkade.jpg

Parkade With Tamped Monoglass